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Monday to Friday
Saturday 09:00-13:00
Closed on Sundays and public holidays
香 港 眼 科 專 科
Hong Kong Ophthalmic Specialists
Central 2996 5900
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Our centre provides different subspecialty divisions to handle the difficult and complicated cases including:
Hong Kong Macular & Retinal Surgery Centre
Hong Kong Child Vision & Strabismus Centre
Hong Kong Glaucoma Centre
Hong Kong Cataract & Laser Refractive Surgery Centre

Besides comprehensive eye check, we can provide accurate diagnosis, treatment or even emergency operation for eye diseases or even eye emergency conditions in our clinic. Saving time and achieving the best outcome is our mission.

Sophisticated instruments include Visual Field & Optic nerve Optical Coherent Tomography for diagnosis of glaucoma, Fundus Fluorescence Angiogram for retinal disease diagnosis, Oculyzer, Speculum Microscopy etc.

Apart from the day surgeries, we provide different types of laser procedures.

Retinal Laser
  • panretinal photocoagulation
  • retinal barrier laser
  • macular laser
  • photodynamic therapy

Glaucoma Laser
  • Laser iridotomy/ Laser peripheral iridoplasty
  • Laser trabeculoplasty
  • Transscleral cyclophotocoagulation

Post-cataract Laser
  • posterior capsulotomy