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What is Cataract?
Cataract is due to aging and hazy of our lens in the eyeball. Our vision will deteriorate gradually and affect our daily activities.

Cause of cataract
The most common cause is aging. Other cause include congenital, traumatic, uveitis-induced, long term use of steroid or diabetic-related etc.

Treatment of Cataract
However, no topical or oral medication can cure cataract or clear up the lens. We have to undergo cataract surgery. During the surgery, the turbid material is taken out and replaced with a clear artificial lens (Intraocular lens).

The whole procedure takes 10 to 20 minutes with extremely high successful rate. The wound is only 2-3mm. Majority is performed under local anesthesia. In case of special condition or needs, the surgery can be arranged under general anesthesia in hospital.

Our clinic is well-equipped with high standard operation theatre with Lensx Femto-Laser machine and multiple highly advanced phacoemulsification machines.

In addition, the intraocular lens can be multifunctional to correct your refractive problems including short-sightness, long-sightness, astigmatism or presbyopia. When you have to do the surgery, your eye doctor will give you a suitable lens to fit your daily activities.